Irizar group

Irizar is a business group that is primarily focused on designing, manufacturing and commercializing buses and coaches. It is also present in the electronics, communications and electric rotary machine sectors.


This global project is made up of more than 2,500 people, with bus and coach manufacturing facilities in five countries (Spain, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico, and South Africa) and five joint ventures in Spain, as well as commercial presence in more than 90 countries throughout the five continents. Its head office is located in the Gipuzkoan city of Ormaiztegi (Spain), where aside from manufacturing bodywork; it also builds integral coaches for the European market. Creatio, the Research and Development Centre created to promote the Irizar Group's applied research and technological development capabilities for the brand's integral products and its main bodywork components, is also located in this city. It has just launched to the market its first 100% electric zero emissions urban bus made by the Group's technology.



Founded in 1889, with more than 125 years of history is the leader in the Spanish sector and one of the most important references on a worldwide level.