Code Of Ethics

This code of ethics encapsulates the commitment of Alconza to act according to a set of values that guarantees a responsible behaviour and complete respect to the applicable legislation in all relations of the Company with its employees, clients, suppliers, shareholders and society in general.


Conduct Principles based on our values:


“Ethical and Responsible Leadership”

Based on this value, we commit to a sustainable future underpinned by the United Nations 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the development of our business activity from a position of respect to the Environment, implementing a policy to identify the environmental impact generated by each of our business activities, in order to minimise their environmental footprint, as well as taking into account the life cycle of our products.

In addition, we commit to protect the integrity and health of our employees through a health & safety-at-work policy based on the compliance with regulations, training and prevention management of Occupational Risks. We demand from our suppliers the strict compliance with all applicable legislation in matters of Health & Safety in the workplace and Environmental protection.

Alconza staff do not accept gifts or presents, including cash, to gain new clients or engage new suppliers.

“Committed Team”

We, the people working at Alconza, are committed to achieving our clients satisfaction with the services provided by the company, making this one of the key objectives of our business activity, realising that the success of our relationships with our clients stem from the correct delivery of the services offered. To this effect, and in order to reach the quality levels agreed, Alconza offers their staff all necessary resources to successfully carry out their activity.

Our team values, protect and ensure the continuous holistic development of the human factor and the attention to service requests that the company may require, applying human resources policies equally to all employees, independent of race, religious beliefs, colour, origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status or disability.

We commit to respect human rights and civil liberties acknowledged by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international agreements issued to that end. All our professional activities will be carried out with absolute care and warranty of these rights and we especially commit to reject child labour, being meticulously compliant with the labour laws of each country in this subject.

“Team Work”

We, Alconza professionals, commit to work in a collaborative manner always supporting the common interest, giving our best and constantly seeking excellence.
As a team, we encourage social values in the relationships with our stakeholders, making decisions focused on the common interest, equal and non-discriminatory treatment.
We particularly emphasise the production and execution of a Gender Equality Plan to guarantee an egalitarian work environment.
We condemn any demonstration of harassment, abuse of authority, as well as any other conduct that can cause intimidation, offense or hostility.


Inside the changing and permanently evolving environment in which we, Alconza professionals, find ourselves, we are flexible to anticipate and adapt to those changes efficiently and effectively.

We value the constant training of our people, being fully aware that only through continuous professional and personal development can we remain the organisation of reference in our industry.

Flexibility prevails in our internal relationships, being able to modify our attitude and behaviour to improve the understanding and coexistence of all members of the organisation.


Innovation implies driving a sustainable strategy in all structures of the organisation to create long-term value, analysing constantly whether the traditional way of doing things and the current methods continue to be the most adequate, necessary and efficient. To that end, we will continuously promote the introduction of changes in the management of people, process and technological resources, with the objective of reaching the appropriate allocation of resources for the organisation to be fruitful, efficient and contemporary with a transparent and responsible management.

Berango, Febrero de 2020

Fdo. Josu Rodríguez Andrés

Dirección General de Alconza Berango SL