Rolls-Royce has ordered two tandem motors of 2 x 2750KW each for polar oceanographic icebreaker research vessels. This hull will be one operation unit to be added to the current fleet of the NERC (Natural Environment Research Council), that will be built at Cammel Laird Shipyard (UK).

The vessel has very strict low noise requirements to be met, and due to this, Alconza’s motors will be in full compliance with these restrictions, with the remark that there will be rigidly mounted and directly coupled to the propeller.

In comparison with a single 5500KW motor, a tandem solution (2 x 2750KW) offers a redundancy in case of failure on one motor (50% of the power will be in use), a more optimized body dimensions, the chance to operate with two independent frequency converter feeding and the possibility of interchangeability of sleeve bearings if required.

Parallel to this solution, Alconza has delivered monoblock motors. If the tandem is defined as two motors on a common bed plate with an intermediate coupling between the two motors, the difference with the monoblock is that this one has a common bed plate and shaft, with no intermediate coupling.

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