Norwegian Gannet, will be the first hybrid vessel dedicated to aquaculture.

We are talking about a Factory-Ship, a new concept in the sector that seeks to reduce operating costs and above all to minimize the environmental impact.

Hav Line commissioned the design of the vessel and the manufacture of the engines to Wärtsilä, which will supply to Balenciaga shipyard with an integrated solution that combines a Wärtsilä 31 10-cylinder diesel main engine together with an electric propulsion system, manufactured by Alconza, capable of providing excess power on demand by reducing fuel consumption and absorbing engine load fluctuations, thus providing high efficiency while minimizing emissions.
Each delivery of the ship is calculated, will replace the use of about 50 trailers (7,000 a year), which will significantly reduce the polluting emissions associated with the entire process.
The ship, which will be launched in the month of April, has all the conditions to be one of the ships with the most technology that has left the Basque shipyards.


Wärtsilä design features the world’s first hybrid propulsion solution for fish farming industry

Balenciaga botará en abril su primer buque impulsado por un motor híbrido