Akademik Tryoshnikov

The Akademik Tryoshnikov, a Russian diesel-electric research vessel, is the flagship of the Russian Polar Research Institute. It was built at the Admiralty shipyard in St. Petersburg. It has a complex diesel-electric propulsion plant, consisting of three Wärtsilä engines, two 6,300 kW and one 4,200 kW, which drive high-voltage Alconza generators.


The vessel has two shaft lines for propulsion, each driven by an Alconza synchronous motor, 7,100 kW at 100 rpm, also in high voltage, directly coupled to the shaft line. Finally, and to facilitate docking or undocking tasks, the vessel has a compact motor, also Alconza, to drive a transverse propeller.

Supply range

  • 2 x main generators of 7.875 kVA, 6.300 V
  • 1 x main generators of 5.250 kVA, 6.300 V
  • 2 x synchronous motors for propulsion (MV) of 7.100 kW at 100 rpm
  • 1 x transverse propeller motor of 1.200 kW (LV)
  • 1 x transverse propeller motor of 850 kW

The 14,200 kW of propulsion was tested in a very peculiar way, as it was able to tow an iceberg with an estimated weight of 1,000,000 tons in the Kara Sea.


Alconza proves with these projects to be a world leader in terms of supplying generators and propulsion engines for icebreaking and/or research vessels in polar areas, where the technical requirements are often among the most complex.


After 10 years in operation, the high reliability of Alconza machines installed on board, for which no incidents have been reported, can be confirmed.

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